Set up a computer for TV using OpenELEC

We previously reviewed a few options for an HTPC. So what is an HTPC? It stands for home theater personal computer and can have different requirements based on your needs. Some may also refer to it as a TV computer or a media center PC. Regardless what you call it, […] Read more »

VIA Nano X2 U4025 Review

Three Zotac ZBOXs standing on ends

The ZBOX nano VD01 is the most difficult system to review. Inside the only mini PC we tested from Zotac is a VIA Nano X2 U4025 processor with VX900 / Chrome9 graphics (pictured on right). On paper it looks very promising with CPU specs that should outperform the Intel Atom […] Read more »

AMD E-450 Review – Linux HTPC

Zotac Zbox ID80 and AD04 side-by-side

Inside the ZBOX-AD04-U is an AMD E-450 APU with onboard Radeon HD 6320 graphics. We plan to compare it with Intel’s finest Atom processor (with Nvidia graphics) and see which wins as a media center computer. Read more »

Intel Atom D2700 – HTPC Review


The ZBOX-ID80-U sports an Intel Atom D2700 processor and onboard Nvidia GeForce GT 520M graphics in a small package. Does the latest and greatest Intel Atom work well as a Home Theater PC “HTPC” or Media Center computer? Let’s take a look at the “ZBOX” package, the technology inside, and […] Read more »

Symbian Belle experience on Nokia 701

Importing Contacts from Android: Nokia only provides directions to copy contacts over from another Nokia phone. However, importing contacts by other methods is quite easy. Here we are using a generic .vcf import that works well coming from an Android device. Liberating your contacts from Google First, make sure your […] Read more »

Asus RT-N56U review

Features: 802.11n, dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz), gigabit ethernet ports, and high throughput. With enough 802.11n products around the house (laptop, tablet, and phone) it was time to update the router. After reading many reviews the ASUS RT-N56U won the honors. It is capable of extremely high total simultaneous throughput […] Read more »

Mobile Processor Snapshot

The goal here is to break down the main differentiating features of recent, new, and upcoming mobile processors. ARM-based processors lead the superphone and tablet market. I will break-down and quickly explain fabrication and number of cores plus touch on the graphics engines each mobile processor uses. Let’s dig in. Read more »