Nokia Lumia Comparison - Lumia 710, 800, and 900

Features they have in common: Nokia is making a new run at the US market with the Windows Phone 7 “Mango” OS. While Nokia is very well known in other countries for building quality phones, it has been awhile since they have had an impact in the states. We are analyzing the differences between the Lumia 710, Lumia 800, and soon to be released Lumia 900. First up, what they all have in common.

Symbian Belle experience on Nokia 701

Importing Contacts from Android: Nokia only provides directions to copy contacts over from another Nokia phone. However, importing contacts by other methods is quite easy. Here we are using a generic .vcf import that works well coming from an Android device. Liberating your contacts from Google First, make sure your Android contacts are synced with your phone’s Google account. Most people leave sync enabled but you may check by going to… Then sign into your Google account from a computer (signing into Gmail will accomplish this).

Samsung Captivate first impressions

Finally broke down and purchased one…been playing with it about a week. So now it is time for first thoughts about the phone, Android 2.1, and the network. First, the Samsung Captivate is nothing short of amazing. The size is perfect: a brilliant 4” Super AMOLED screen that easily fits in my pocket. Any smaller or larger would be a sacrifice now. The CPU/GPU (processor and mobile graphics) combo is the best currently available.

Motorola Droid X / Droid 2 and Samsung Galaxy S

Still holding on to a Nokia e71 waiting for something that really stands out. These phones almost fit the bill but the Droid X ends up being a smaller upgrade than initially thought. Verizon fans considering a Droid X or Droid 2? Hold out a month or so longer to give the Samsung Fascinate a fair shot. First a look at the details of the new Droids. Droid 2 takes the more evolutionary upgrade route which still houses a physical keypad and a 3.7” LCD display.