Samsung Captivate first impressions

Finally broke down and purchased one…been playing with it about a week. So now it is time for first thoughts about the phone, Android 2.1, and the network.

First, the Samsung Captivate is nothing short of amazing. The size is perfect: a brilliant 4” Super AMOLED screen that easily fits in my pocket. Any smaller or larger would be a sacrifice now. The CPU/GPU (processor and mobile graphics) combo is the best currently available. As with any technology…that won’t be for long. I have already mentioned some upcoming dual-core mobile CPUs in other posts. But the Samsung Hummingbird 1 GHz plays great with Android 2.1 and will absolutely smoke with 2.2. The only current problems with the phone are GPS issues. Fixes have been posted on the internet but Samsung is also releasing an official update next month.

This is my first experience with Android. Unfortunately it’s a customized UI with added AT&T apps. I haven’t rooted or otherwise hacked anything yet. That said…it’s still a great mobile operating system so far. I’m looking forward to Android 2.2 and tinkering with more things. Integration with Google apps are great but how far are you willing to give up privacy? I’m currently using gmail, google calendar, and contact sync. Also absolutely love typing with Swype.

Which only leaves the network. They “caught” me and upgraded the data plan to one that is smartphone appropriate. You know…data use on one particular phone should cost more than the same amount of data from another phone. And an appropriate 3G data on some phones is a requirement even if you plan to live on WiFi…and even if you did not purchase on subsidized contract. I could dedicate a whole post (rant) based on all this but I digress. The sum of the equation is that while they are going to lose me as a customer…it has absolutely nothing to do with this sexy piece of hardware.