Line2 Review for Android

Took the opportunity to load Line2 (Toktumi) from the Android market for a free 30-day trial review.  After all it did receive great praise from David Pogue of the New York Times.  Balderdash.

Let me preface this by saying I’m not the target audience for Line2.  Under certain circumstances this app could fit your needs.  Although I find it hard to believe that audience would use Android…more than likely it would suit the zombies of Apple nation.

In plain English, Line2 is a phone line quality application to make regular calls to US/Canada landlines or cell phones using WiFi or 3G.  In that regard Line2 excels (for a cost of $10/month).

Line 2 is a pseudo VoIP app that affords no true VoIP advantages.  While support was fairly quick to respond during my trial, the answers they provided were disappointing.  I’m in search of a good wideband audio application that works well on Android.  Does Line 2 / Toktumi support wideband?  Yes, if you call another paying Line2 customer.  Can you call a third-party SIP URI that supports wideband?  No.  Can they call your Line2 number wideband?  No.  What wideband codec does Line2 use?  To quote support “we can not divulge what codes we support, as they are constantly changing.”

Otherwise, the application works as intended for the most part.  The only app related issue experienced was after a week of use.  First of all, I never selected to load the application automatically yet it always loaded after a reboot of my phone.  Secondly, I once had an issue of trying to exit the application.  As soon as I did it would reload again.  Luckily, and for all the faults mentioned above, I deleted Line2 and the problems went away.  Thanks again David Pogue!

(As a side note, they also do not support iNum or ENUM)