Maemo 6 coming soon

Nokia announced phones coming out in 2H 2010 with Maemo 6. It could be a great upgrade and provide much more user friendliness than their developer oriented N900 phone (running Maemo 5 with a TI OMAP 3430). Maemo is a linux based OS (like Android) for handheld devices that is a drastic change from Nokia’s main Symbian based operating systems.

Qualcomm has announced upgrades to the Snapdragon that look to compete with Nvidia’s Tegra 2 line. The QSD8650A will increase to 1.3 GHz and lower to a 45nm processor (previously 65nm) capable of 720p HD playback and should be in products by the end of 2010. The QSD8672 will be dual CPU up to 1.5 GHz and support full 1080p HD with a later release date.

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