After mentioning Nvidia’s latest Tegra updates and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon announcement; it’s only fair to plug Texas Instruments as well. Their OMAP 3 line already does rather well for itself by powering Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, and Nokia N900 to name a few.

Here is a quote from Slashgear.com involving their visit with TI: “Of course, Texas Instruments aren’t the only company with a high-profile mobile chipset to talk about, so we asked them how the OMAP4 compares to NVIDIA’s second-generation Tegra, announced back at CES 2010. While production devices based on the Tegra 2 aren’t available yet, TI reckon there are several points at which they eclipse their rival. According to Marcelo O Vieria, general manager of the OMAP business group, the OMAP4 1080p video codec is stronger than that of the Tegra 2, in fact he reckons TI “have a better video engine than [NVIDIA] do”. OMAP4 also supports 20-megapixel or higher image processing, as well as three simultaneous displays, and it has significantly more memory bandwidth than Tegra 2 which means it’s better at multitasking. Worth remembering, too, is that OMAP4 is suited to smartphones, which is an area Tegra is yet to extend into.”

Of course their product has not been released yet either. The full article can be found here.